3 Comedy Gifts That Will Actually Change Your Life!

Buying presents can be difficult, right? You want to find something that's useful and unique. Not to mention something that's easy to wrap!

Usually, after spending hours scrolling through hundreds of different websites (and even longer walking around stores) you find it: the perfect present. You feel that rush of excitement knowing that the person you are buying for will love what you have found. You can't wait to give it to them and to see their face when they open it and love it. It's the kind of gift they'll be telling everyone about for at least the next couple of weeks, and every time you see them you'll see that they're still using it.
But just as you're about to pick it up, proudly march over to the check-out and pay for it you suddenly notice the price tag. Too expensive.
That sinking feeling sets in as you realise that you're back to square one, followed quickly by frustration and dread. Time to start again. 
There's only so many times you can ask someone what they want for Christmas, their birthday, or any other occasion. And let's face it, they don't want to feel like they're asking for too much so every time you ask them what they'd like they reply with "I don't know."

This cycle continues until eventually you just buy a gift card or put some money in an envelope and hope you have better luck for the next person you're trying to buy for. After all, that way they can choose their own present and get something they really wanted. Or that's what you tell yourself. According to Market Watch, roughly $1 Billion USD of gift cards are unspent every year. Yes, that's $1,000,000,000.
So to save you wasting your hard earned cash on gift cards that might never get used, we've put together some novelty gifts that are definitely unique, and that have every-day uses.

1. Toilet Light (£5.99)

Toilet Light

It's the middle of the night. You're midway through an awesome dream, and you're dying to know what happens in it, but you're also dying to go to the toilet. Which one wins? The toilet of course. So you get up and stumble across your cold, dark bedroom and manage to find your way to the bathroom without bumping into anything (go you!). You pat the wall trying to find the light switch and then, the dreaded moment comes when you turn on the light.  

No matter how much you prepare yourself, nothing will ever make turning on that bright bathroom light less painful. Those thirty seconds whilst your eyes adjust are like torture. It's cold, your eyes hurt and you can't see a thing. Know what we're talking about?

Well fear not, we have solved this problem forever! 

Introducing the toilet light! A motion activated, multi-coloured LED that you hang on your toilet bowl. Powered by 3x AAA batteries (not included), this toilet light will improve your night-time toilet experience. 

Still not convinced?
Matt B says he "bought it as a joke, but it's actually really useful too."

Find out more about the toilet light here.

2. Magnetic Key Hanger (from £5.99)

Magnetic Key Hanger
We've all been there. Your alarm didn't go off, you've overslept and you end up rushing around trying to get ready for work. You decide to skip breakfast, and after a quick shower and shave (men or women) or slapping on some make-up (women or men - who are we to judge!), you dive into your work clothes. Ready in record time - nice work!

You're feeling proud of yourself and contemplating an extra 30 minutes lie-in every day as you put on your shoes, pick up your briefcase and head for the door.

Now, where did you leave your keys?

After turning the house upside down, checking under every cushion on the sofa, the kitchen drawers, the bottom of the stairs you decide to retrace your steps. Where did you have them last again? 

And usually, just as you give up looking for them you decide one last time to check they weren't in their regular place. And sure enough, they've been sitting there all along. Either that or a very kind burglar decided to return your keys after the stressful morning you've had.

It sounds like you need a magnetic key hanger - just use the adhesive strip to stick it somewhere convenient and hang your keys on it. You're virtually guaranteed to never lose your keys again. Result? You can oversleep every single day and not have that mad dash looking for keys as you're trying to get out of the house.

Sound fair enough? 
Get your magnetic key hanger here, available in two different designs.
If you want a cloud shaped key hanger, this is the link for you!


3. Money Clip (£2.99)

Money Clip
It's a hard life when you've got so much cash that you don't have anywhere to put it. Your pockets are overflowing, and every time you try to pay for anything you pull out five other notes, they fall on the floor and passers-by scramble to pick them up.

If you've ever had a few notes lying around in your pocket we feel your pain.  Not to mention the soul-destroying moment when you realise that you washed your money because you forgot to take it out of your pockets before throwing it in the washer. Soggy cash doesn't get you very far.

We can't promise that you'll never wash your money, but we can promise to make it easier to store your mountains of cash. 

Here are a few simple solutions to prevent any further heartbreak.

1. Buy stuff to get rid of the cash.
You won't have the cash, but you'll have a load of stuff you didn't need or want.

2. Buy a wallet to store the cash. 
A practical solution, but your pockets will still be full, and you'll have to sift through a mountain of cards and receipts before you eventually find your hard earned cash.

3. Treat yourself to a stainless steel money clip.
Quick access to your dosh, and you'll be able to feel something in your pocket before throwing your jeans in the wash. Perfect.

So what are you waiting for?
Solve your money problems right now with a Money Clip!

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