What to Buy for Cat Lovers (Other Than a Cat..)

We all know someone who is crazy about cats. Maybe it’s their lifetime ambition to have a feline friend, or maybe they already have one.

It’s not recommended to buy someone a cat without warning them, (it might give them kittens.. get it!?), but we think these gifts are the purrfect alternatives.

If you want more information about one of our ideas, just click the photo!

Disclaimer: All Puns are fully intended.

Light Switch Stickers (£0.47)

Cat light switch stickers

Are you children pestering you for a cat? Go on, let them have one. I mean, cats virtually look after themselves anyway.

Ok, it’s probably going to take a little bit more persuading (Sorry kids, we tried!). In the meantime, how about getting them cat-themed light switch stickers to decorate their room with. It’s a nice compromise and it might save you a day or two of pleading? Surely, that’s worth it?

'Cat from Behind' Cushion (£9.99)

Cat from behind cushions | Buy a Cat | Present Pal

Do you have a mean landlord? Are pets forbidden in your apartment? Is your roomie allergic to cats? Well fear not, you can have a cat cushion instead!

We’re not sure that a real cat would appreciate being sat on, but as the proud owner of a cat cushion, you can treat it however you like. Sure, your friends and neighbours may look at you in a strange way if you start to stroke it, but don’t let us stop you! You won’t even need a cat flap, cat food or a littler tray. Clearly, this is lowest maintenance solution there is, and the next best option to actually having a cat…

Cute Pet Clothes (From £4.49)

Animal Clothing

If your friend already has a cat then clearly they don’t have mean parents or a mean landlord!

Why does that matter?

Because that means there are fewer people to disapprove when they decide to dress their cat up! Take the cues from the cat, if it’s clearly not happy in clothes then let it walk around naked, but there are some cats that are meant to live the high life. And who are we to deny them that? 

A Lion's Mane (£4.99)

Animal Clothing | Present Pal

Chances are you don’t know anyone with a pet lion. Although it's not unheard of. There are always those who like to be different, so let’s be practical here.

You definitely couldn’t let a pet lion roam about the neighbourhood: imagine the shock the next doors neighbour’s dog would get if you did!

Your lion would have a roaring time living in a cage or even indoors! Your fridge would always be empty, and it could hardly cuddle up with you on the sofa. Not to mention lion poo. Smelly to say the least!

So if you love lions that much, we have a much simpler solution.
1. Buy a cat
2. Adopt a lion from a charity.
3. Buy this mane to make your cat look like a Lion

And there we have it! A small selection of gift ideas for cat lovers. There are lots of great things about getting a cat., and they’re virtually guaranteed to bring you fur balls of fun!

They can be cuddly when they want to be, but they’re also independent and relatively easy to care for. There are loads of guides online about how to care for cats, but perhaps the most important thing to consider before you go ahead and get a feline friend is that they bring you presents! They truly are the gift that keeps on giving, even if it’s not the kind of gift you’d like.

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