Anonymous Valentines Day Gifts

If you have a crush on a girl that doesn't know you like them Valentine's day can be tough. You want her to know you like her, but you're scared she'll reject you. Plus, you think she likes someone else. Here's what to do...

Situation 1. If she's dating another guy

Just leave it. It's not worth you spending money on her.. Unless you want to make the guy she's dating suspicious. Then proceed to Situation 2. But be warned, you're playing a dangerous game and your chances of winning her over are slim.

Situation 2. If she's single or you aren't sure

You want to do something low-key. Nothing over the top, and don't go spending a fortune because you can use that money for better things. Here's what we recommend. Nothing more, ok?


Step 1 - Get a Card           Step 2 - Get a Small Gift (Optional)