Anonymous Valentine's Day Gifts: Step 1 - Get a Card


All these cards get free first class delivery and you can put your crush's name on the front. If you decide to order another card then don't get any with too many love hearts as she might be creeped out..


Our Favourite

Here are some others we liked a lot...

Check out more cards at The Card Factory.


Here are some other things to keep in mind

  • Think about what SHE wants, not about what you like... you may be smart, but don't get her the anemone card if she won't know what an anemone is!

  • Also, don't get her a card with a dog on if she loves cats.. it sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how dumb most guys are. Don't be that guy! 

  • If you know her address, BOOM send it. Aim to have it arrive on 14th February for maximum surprise, but if the post is unreliable aim for a day or two earlier. A day late and it will lose all meaning.

  • If you don't know her address, quietly leave it somewhere that you know she'll find it. But not somewhere that everyone can see it.. remember, low-key is the aim!


Great, so you've got the card sorted! For your situation a gift is optional. For simplicity you could order something from the The Card Factory too. But if you are get her a gift make sure you check out step 2 of our gift guide you don't want to mess it up do you?