Birthday Presents for your Girlfriend

Here's the secret.. girls want presents that you've put a lot of thought into.

The good news is we've thought about it so you don't have to. We've searched the internet and put the best gifts on this page. Even better, we've included links so you can order them right away. 

So crack open a beer and celebrate... your present buying problems are finally solved.

Budget: up to £30 


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We know what you're thinking. Flowers..? Too predictable. They're pointless and they don't last long. 

That's your guy brain talking. We think the same. But your girlfriend's brain works differently.. trust us. 

Flowers make girls feel special and they symbolise your love for her... or something like that. But you really can't go wrong with them, which is why they feature on our list.

Even better, with Flowercard you can add extras like chocolate so you don't have to spend hours making tonnes of orders. They also deliver next day if you've left it to the last minute.

To make her extra happy you could even ask them to include her favourite flowers.

Here's some of our favourites.. click the photos to see the product page.


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