The Amazing Present Finding System from Two Guys in England

If you never want to struggle buying presents again, this is going to be the most exciting website you’ll ever find. 

Here is why: some time ago our founders, James and Gerrit, realised that every time it came to their birthdays, Christmas or any other celebration, there was one common question that everyone kept asking them..

"What do you want?”

They recognised that it’s such a difficult question to ask. Too generic and it leaves the person who asked no further towards their answer. Too specific and it ruins the surprise. Too expensive and it makes you look greedy, but too cheap and people think you’ve already got everything you want.

Then, one day, they came up with a “crazy idea” about how to answer the question so they could consistently navigate the minefield of answers and give the perfect answer every time.

They didn’t like shopping at all and had almost no knowledge of how to run a 10K, let alone a business, so all their friends laughed at the idea. They thought the website wouldn’t take off and thought it was a big joke. They said the idea would never work and asked why no-one had done it before. In fact, one girl said the website was so stupid that she outright insulted James and Gerrit, saying they were pathetic and their idea was ridiculous. 

But they didn’t care. They still thought it was a good idea and started working on it little and often. And guess what? People did start using their website. And they used the income they generated to expand their website, which brought in even more income. And they expanded more, bringing in even more income..

And so on. 

What’s the bottom line? Simply this: they’re still expanding and so far their idea has been seen by


Think about it: more than nine hundred thousand people have had the opportunity to view their “crazy idea.” And what did they buy? Actually, it doesn’t matter. You see, the magic was not in the products, it was in the system!

Do you have a gift to buy in the near future? If so you can use that “crazy idea” that James and Gerrit used to find the perfect gift for whoever it is you are buying for 

Who needs this website?

Do you find yourself aimlessly walking around shops every Christmas, unsure of what gifts to buy?
Are you a parent wanting to treat your child for a recent achievement?
Are you a young adult wondering what gift to get for a valentine’s crush?
Are you a man who is struggling to think of something to buy for his wife for her birthday?
Are you a lady who has no idea what present to buy for her husband at Christmas other than socks?
Does the thought of spending your day off walking around a shop looking for presents fill you with dread?
Would you rather stick pins in your eyes that visit a busy shopping mall at weekend?
    If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions you should try using Present Pal. 

    How to get the most gifts in the minimum time!

    Listen: every birthday and Christmas people struggle. They struggle to think of a gift to buy. They struggle to answer the age old question “What do you want for (insert occasion here!)?”. People struggle to find time in their busy lives to go shopping, and when they do find the time they struggle to find a parking space and struggle to make their way through busy shopping malls filled with even more struggling people. People struggle with the burden of buying gifts for everyone in their family, so they rack up credit card debts and struggle even more! It’s all one big struggle.

    Now, imagine a Christmas where all your presents are bought and wrapped a few days early, so you can really enjoy the time rather than rushing around like a headless turkey. A Christmas where you could actually enjoy the Christmas pudding instead of worrying whether Great Aunt Hilda will like the jumper you bought her. Imagine Uncle Bill’s face on his 70th birthday when he realises you’ve not bought him another pair of socks.

    At Present Pal, we like to make things easy, and we are passionate about giving, so we’d like to give you the simple solution to your present buying problems. Imagine a world where there is no struggle - at least when it comes to finding gifts.

    Our mission is to make giving gifts easy and fun, and we pride ourselves on our ability to find the perfect gift for whoever it is that you are buying for. Our vision is to be THE go-to place when you need a present, and we aren’t going to get there by being wrong!


    Here’s how it works

    By the way, recommending the perfect present every time means that you have to be searching for the best gifts on the internet all year round which means you end up singing Christmas Carols pretty much every day and you're always happy.

    Our website is designed to be easy to use, bringing you some of the most popular gifts, which means you won’t have to go through the trauma of visiting a busy shopping mall on Christmas Eve ever again.
    Tell us who you are buying for and we'll make recommendations based on similar people's preferences.
    We’ll notify you of any special offers for your favourite brands so that you can get the best price possible.

    But the best thing is…

    It's absolutely free

    Yes, Present Pal is absolutely free  for you to use. We get paid by the seller after you buy, meaning that Present Pal is (and always will be) free for you to use. 

    But the commission we earn from one sale won’t help us to change the world of present buying.. it’s not even enough to buy dinner with. So all we ask is when the person you are buying for loves their gift (and we know they will), that you give us a tonne of referrals on social media and websites, and tell everyone you know about us. That’s how our business really grows.

    Here’s how to get started

    All you have to do is write your name and e-mail address in the boxes below and hit submit. We’re not going to pester you with e-mails and we’re certainly not going to stop you from buying anything from the sweet old lady who runs a gift shop in your local town.

    Very simply, we’d like to introduce ourselves and our company and send you a unique code giving you 20% off items despatched by us. And at a later date, perhaps we'll get back to you with a gift recommendation.

    Sound fair enough?

    We think so. But just in case you didn't, we're also offering free shipping on your first order despatched by us and we always give you free shipping over £20 if we despatch it.

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