At Present Pal we are committed to providing the very best for our customers, and we want them to have access to a huge range of unique gifts that will leave both the giver of the gift and the receiver of the gift absolutely delighted. 

We are always interested in adding new products to our collection, and we'd love to hear your ideas!

Are you a seller?
We would LOVE to help you help our customers find presents, and we are also one of the most competitive platforms on the internet for sellers.

Here is a breakdown of our ridiculously competitive terms: 

NO listing fee! That's right, it's FREE to list your products on Present Pal!
Platform Charge of just 5%.
NO processing fee! Or any other hidden charges for that matter!

In short, you have the potential to access a HUGE market for just 5% of the transaction cost, and with NO OTHER FEES! What do you have to lose?

These terms are available on a product-by-product basis and whilst we can't guarantee they'll always be available, we do guarantee to honour the terms for as long as your product is listed on Present Pal. 

If you would like to list your presents on Present Pal, send us an e-mail at The only thing you'll regret is that you didn't sign up sooner!

As you can see, we are passionate about changing the world of buying presents, and we want to help you help our customers. 

Want to become a Present Pal Marketer?
We have some great opportunities available for people wishing to sell our products. 

Send us an e-mail at to find out more!

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