Valentine's Day Gifts for Someone You've Just Started Dating

1. Get a Card

If you've just started dating you absolutely must get her a Valentine's day card, assuming you want to keep seeing her. As always we wanted to make your life easy, so here are some of our favourite cards. 

We've already written a guide for getting cards for a secret admirer. If you've not seen it check out our other selection of cards here.

But, if you have been on a few dates you can also go with a fancier option!

Why not check out Flowercard? They combine flowers with a card and can be delivered next day if you've left it to the last minute!

Even easier, you can add an extra treat (like chocolate or a candle) to the card so you can get your Valentine's day gift and card from one place.

We've even got a special gift for you - 15% off! Just enter AFF15NEW at checkout to claim your discount.

When we're writing this we can't see any Valentine's specific cards, but we're sure they'll come. Here are some of our other favourites... Just click the photo to be taken straight to the product page.


Our Favourite

These would be great too!



If you choose any others just make sure that it includes roses!

As you've only just started dating we wouldn't recommend getting a Flowercard and another gift - she might feel that its a bit over the top. But if you're not getting a Flowercard, or if you're just curious to see what other gifts we'd suggest check out our gift recommendations!